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The Toronto Star Offers No Comment on this News Story

December 27th, 2012
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Toronto mayor Rob Ford, the politician most hated by The Toronto Star, wins a victory in court against a plaintiff who won a sweet  deal from the previous council, and then sued Ford when he questioned the process. The Toronto Star, Toronto’s largest newspaper, has no comment:


screen shot at 9:41PM

At 9:41, the Star story on this said:

A judge has dismissed the suit brought against Mayor Rob Ford by businessman George Foulidis.

More to come

Note the comment time (bottom left) and the current time (top right)

Note the comment time (bottom left) and the current time (top right)

Note the first comment is at 5:19PM: more than 4 and-a-half hours after the decision, the paper that has opinions on Ford’s dinner choice will get back to you on that.

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Journalism, Toronto Star Style

July 5th, 2011

What’s that line about moral and intellectual superiors?

Ford said he had to miss the parade because of a family gathering at his cottage. A Star reporter did not spot

him there over three hours Sunday afternoon; when she approached as the family packed up their cars around 5:45 p.m., his niece Krista, daughter of Councillor Doug Ford, said he had gone to Huntsville. She guessed that he was shopping for groceries.

The Toronto Star sent a reporter to spy on Rob Ford.  Charming.

And what did Mayor Ford miss? Fellows in cowboy boots with leather wanker rings and pink rape whistles.

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Toronto Sun: We Need to Raise Taxes

April 19th, 2010

Talk about sinking to new lows. The Toronto Sun today goes where they would have mocked ten years ago. In their lead editorial, Paul Berton argues tax increases are necessary and coming:

Whatever the reasons, leaders are afraid to say what they know to be true: Taxes must rise, or services must be cut. Either one — and more likely both — is as inevitable as the setting sun.

Berton, for those who don’t know, argued strenuously that we needed government to save us from the world burning up into fiery ball. He was literally one of those “the earth will be a burnt rock,” guys until six months ago.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard that nonsense from this fool, but apparently economics is still a subject Berton has a yet to prove how little he knows.

Here’s something to digest. One-third of every dollar earned, produced or extorted in this country, one-third of GDP, winds up in government coffers. That means every person, every business for every dollar they earn, they must produce approximately $1.40. That’s too much productivity being spent on non-productive activities.

The time has come for an extreme curtailing of what governments do, not an increase in what they cost. And if the Toronto Sun wants to be The Star lite, then the time has come for one less paper in Toronto.

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