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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral

August 26th, 2010

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Rob Ford has a ten point lead in the polls for Mayor of Toronto. His basic platform of reigning in spending is resonating with voters who appear fed up with the sanctimonious politicians that are ruining a very broken city.

How sanctimonious?

In my opinion, if Mayor Ford is elected, city council will have a caucus meeting and they will choose their own mayor and (Ford) will be the Mayor in name.

Of course, one of their issues is that old Mike Harris, “he’s divisive,” lie.

He won’t be able to pass gas without the permission of council,” Moscoe [Councillor Howard Moscoe AKA That Fat Pantload] said.

When asked if he thinks Ford will be able to work with council, he added: “Depends how often he wants to pass gas.”

Not unrelated:

The number one news story for Toronto – Canada’s largest city – was that a traffic officer illegally parked in a disabled parking bay…

Never mind “despite two shootings that took place in Toronto and the terror arrest in Ottawa,” what about Kyle Rae declaring council would choose not to respect the express wishes of the voters.

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