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Premier Never Won an Election: Tax Hikes at all costs…

April 19th, 2013
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and all costs will include tax hikes. Or something:

The whole process will be much better if, in the end, we have municipal support… But the reality is… that we have to take action. And as a Provincial government, it’s my responsibility to determine what actions that we will take

found-moneySo Premier Wynne, who has never faced any electorate as leader, is telling the people who have faced an electorate, my way or the highway. And her way?

New money has to be found.

Ahh, found money. Always the best kind. “Well you see, Minister Sousa was wandering down the street when lo-and-behold, a bag containing $2-billion was just sitting there…”

Dear Ms. I’ll call you Premier when you have won an election, there is no such thing as found money, there just my money, and Joe who lives up the street’s money and money our kids haven’t earned yet but your determined to steal from them before they do. Nothing found about it, just labour being stolen.

Here’s an idea. First, call an election. Second, run on this platform: Every working adult in the Province must put in 1-hour extra every week at their job, without compensation. The money they would have earned goes to the Provincial treasury. Furthermore, the future earnings of all Ontarians under the age of 18, including those not yet born, will be have 50% taken off the top, before taxes. Think you can win on that policy? No?

Yet it’s the net effect of finding money, and your talking of imposing it without an election, without ANY mandate.

Dear Ms. Wynne, resign your government now, call an election and be up front with the people of ontario about exactly how much more you plan to tax us. That would be the honest, ethical, non-Liberal thing to do.

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