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If I Could Rouse Myself to Actually Buy the Toronto Star…

December 21st, 2013
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I would consider organizing a boycott of their advertisers.

John Honderich — the chair of the board of Torstar Corporation (the Star’s owner) and a former Star publisher — assumedly approved for distribution to 70 prominent Torontonians, urging them to agitate for the mayor’s removal in mid-term, and taking them to task as moral outcasts of the community for not joining in the full Christmas revelry of the Star’s attempted putsch.

Honderich will, he assures Toronto’s elite, name names.

That's not the friggin' Toronto Star it's the light from the sewage plant , , ,

The Unbiased Toronto Star.

November 4th, 2009

Maybe newspapers like the Star wouldn’t be offering buyouts to trim payroll, contracting out editing and pagination, if they were unbiased. But at the Star, bias is considered a plus:

Union leader Maureen Dawson criticized the Star’s decision…

“Journalism is a collaborative effort, the product of a team of reporters, photographers and editors working in concert to produce the kind of activist agenda that has served Star readers and our community so well for so long,”

Next time you call them a biased media, and some Star loving, latte sipping birkenstocker protests, ask him what “activist agenda” means.

Media doesn't matter ,