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Blue Blogging Soapbox Blogging Tories Site of the Week

April 8th, 2009

I’d like to thank the member of the academy

The honour of this weeks Blogging Tories Site of the Week falls upon this blog, for which I am grateful to Paul over at Blue Blogging Soapbox. Paul does a great job keeping up on all the Blogging Tories blogs and coming up with a weekly best of.  I know from running the site of the week a few years ago it takes a greater commitment than you would expect.  You must daily wade through the numerous posts, keeping an eye for someone who is having a strong week, or had a particularly good post.

This is the second time I have been cited as Blogging Tories Site of the Week, and the second time Paul has picked me for a post that I was pleased with, yet met with yawning indifference once it out there. I have noted before, the first time may have saved this blog from the dust bin. This time Paul noted the post To My Daughter…, which went a bit viral within my family – causing me to have to explain it’s intent was political. It otherwise went unremarked until Paul did so, and for once again saving one of my better posts from obscurity, thanks Paul.

Thanks for all your support through the years and thanks for your work on the Blogging Tories Site of the Week.

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