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Tilting at Deep Fryers

March 14th, 2013
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With new Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne doing what Liberals do, i.e. hiding from scandal and perverting our children, while Ontario descends further into have-not status and our children’s future earnings are already gone, it’s time for bold Conservative action.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tim Hudak:

A successful agriculture sector is vital to ensuring a stronger economy all across Ontario. This is why PC Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Critic Ernie Hardeman and I are launching the latest Ontario PC white paper – Paths to Prosperity: Respect for Rural Ontario…

Some of these ideas include:

– Creating a two per cent Ontario biodiesel mandate to reduce greenhouse gasses…

The green energy program has been a Liberal disaster, Tim Hudak, Conservative leader, therefore, wants to implement the green food program.

Tim Hudak ,