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Guelph Constable Dies in Crash

March 15th, 2013
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Back in 2008 I had the chance to go to an event in Guelph where Prime Minister Harper was speaking. The event was to introduce and support the Conservative candidate in an upcoming Guelph by-election, Gloria Kovach. Gloria worked with Lady Hespeler at a couple of stops, and this we ventured out to show our support.

Yesterday morning, Guelph Police Constable Jennifer Kovach died in a crash while responding to a call for back-up from another officer. Constable Kovach is Gloria Kovach’s 26-year old daughter. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of this wonderful young lady.

The Prime Minister has, as well, offered his condolences: Tragic news out of Guelph. Condolences to the friends and family of Constable Jennifer Kovach.

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Saturday Fluffernutter: The Lighten Up Edition

December 2nd, 2012
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All the fluffy news about those nutty celebrities

fluffincolorJaimie Foxx, courageous artist speaking truth to power:

Last Sunday at the Soul Train Awards fox said, “… give an honour to God and our Lord and Saviour, Barack Obama.” melissa-glick-warhol-fluff-for-web

Foxx, being not much brighter than the average bear, is now shocked, shocked! to discover these remarks are deemed controversial by Christians. Instead of complaining, or wittily noting that Obama is indeed miraculous if “he did succeed in convincing Jaimie Foxx… that God does exist,” they should lighten up, says Foxx, who no doubt will be nice and light if he’s referred to with a racial epithet during the next Catholic Music Awards.

Next time maybe Foxx can be truly courageous and say, “praise be to the prophet Barack Obama, peace be upon him,” and learn what uptight religious guys really look like

Yea, that’ll happen.

fluffincolorJaimie Foxx has nothing on Justin Beiber when it comes to political scandal. Beiber, in Toronto last weekend to perform at the Grey Cup – itself not a move without controversy – had an official meet and greet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper (or is that, Prime Minister Harper had a photo-op with Justin Beiber? ed.)

Problem is, The Beeb wore coveralls, with one shoulder strap undone, street style, for the meetup. Scandal! Disgrace! A man should dress appropriately to meet the Prime Minister. I disagree. If your meeting Justin Beiber, you look like a tool in a suit, period. Prime Minister Harper, as Jaimie Foxx would no doubt tell him, needs to lighten up in his dress.

fluffincolorNo fan of Two and a Half Men am I. Whenever I mention it here I always describe it as a “sitcom,” complete with irony quotes. So when 19-year old Christian Angus T. Jones refers to it as “filth,” who am I to argue?

Problem is, Jones is the “half” of the Two and a Half Men playing Jake, since 2003. In a YouTube video, Jones calls himself a “paid hypocrite”, the show “filth” and suggests people shouldn’t watch it.

A-men brother, I say. However, Jones has no actual intention to, say, quit the show, and has issued something of an apology, saying:

I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on Two and Half Men with whom I have worked over the past ten years.
Chuck Lorre, Peter Roth and many others at Warner Bros. and CBS are responsible for what has been one of the most significant experiences in my life to date. I thank them for the opportunity they have given and continue to give me…
I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed…

fluffincolorLindsay Lohan is back on the Fluffernutter page. On Wednesday night she got into an altercation at a Manhattan nightclub with psychic Tiffany Mitchell.

Mitchell says she had a premonition about Lohan and wanted to do her reading, and Lohan then hauled off and nailed her one (or something like that). Lohan then referred to her by the apparently racial epithet of Gypsy. Why she didn’t have a premonition that Lohan was going to do that history does not record. Nonetheless, Lohan was taken away by police and spent a night in a Manhattan holding cell.

Lohan for her part says she did not punch her, but she did call her the name in question. The upcoming court case is likely to be lively as Mitchell has hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and Lohan has hired a private detective to investigate claims Mitchell has a history of using “her ‘psychic abilities’ to extort money from people.”

There’s much at stake for Lohan, who is on probation for a California necklace pilfering case, and could be sent back to jail on that charge.

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Why Would the Conservatives Remove Possible Voters From Their Rally?

April 6th, 2011
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Three years ago I attended a rally in Guelph to hear Prime Minister Harper speak. Outside where a bunch of university students taking pictures of and generally harassing people entering the event. On the roof, two protesters climbed around, hoping to do who knows what.

Guelph March 19, 2008

Guelph March 19, 2008

They were dumber than they were stealth and the Prime Minister’s security removed them in hand cuffs.

Later, protester Izzy Hirji was quoted in the local media.

Question: if you were on the Prime Minister’s security detail, would you let Izzy Hirji into an election rally for the Prime Minister?

Or, would you allow the person who wrote on a Facebook Enviro Club wall:

stephen harpers plan is ridiculous, 40 years without results, and death to Kyoto!?!?!?! OMGWTF im ready to like go to Ottawa myself an take him down.

You got it, Izzy Hirji again.

The Black Rod has done a great job finding out who these “kids” are that Stephen Harper won’t let in, and it looks like there may have been good reason to keep them out.

But I’m guessing you won’t read that on Bourque:


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Come in Tokyo… Come in Tokyo

July 10th, 2009
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A picture is worth a thousand words:


Doesn’t the President look like he’s telling the Prime MInister a dirty-ish joke here?

And in case you think I’m being partisan and unfair, Prime Minister Harper looks like he doesn’t get the joke.

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