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Penguin Powered

June 3rd, 2009
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In grand Bugs vs. Yosemite Sam fashion, I have been at war with my computer for a few weeks now. mint_tux_v2855Today I dropped some Acme dynamite in a carrot and the maroon fell for it. More specifically, I blew Windows right off my computer, and as of now, At Home in Hespeler is powered by Linux Mint.

I have been messing with Linux for a while now, and frustratingly kept hitting some problem or another, usually due to lack of disc space. But this week when my Vista completely crapped out, I rescued my data, and said the hell with it, I’m going with the penguin. While I have used Puppy Linux, and really, really liked it (if your looking for a bootable linux, or to revive an old laptop, this is your OS), I decided to try Mint. As of right now, I couldn’t be happier. I have full functionality, I’ve had no problems getting anything to work.

At Home in Hespeler: Penuin Powered like a real blog should be.

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