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Cool For Cats Friday.

May 6th, 2011
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It turns out I’ve been married for 20 years. Seems strange that someone so young, fit and with such a nice full head of hair could be old enough to be married so long, but I have been. And lady Hespeler, who honestly looks the same as when I met her, how she could be married 20 years is beyond my limited imagination. Where does the time go anyway?

For our anniversary, we are off to Paris for a celebration in style (or a holiday on the cheap – your choice). (**warning: if you are thinking, “oh good, now I can go and rob the Hespeler towers,” think again. I have left an attack mother-in-law behind. Seriously, you want to wait until I get back).

As my anniversary gift, the Lady Hespeler got me a pair of tickets to see Jimmy Buffet when he rolls into Toronto. In honour of Jimmy Buffet and Paris, here is “He Went to Paris.”

I used to sing my daughter to sleep with that song, followed by Tom Cochrane’s Avenue A:

You know, the daughter would love to go to Juilliard (and Paris). Makes you wonder how much they absorb.

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Getting the Anthem Wrong

July 27th, 2009

I’m trying to imagine the hue and/or cry that would ensue if a Canadian won oworldseries92ne of the sporting worlds most prestigious events and the organizers played the wrong national anthem: sheer hysterics if the person behind the error was an American, I’d guess.

Maybe their going equally ape today in Spain.

Spaniard Alberto Contador seems to take the playing of the Danish national anthem in stride during the podium ceremony of his Tour de France victory yesterday in Paris.

It’s truthfully more unforgivable than these types of errors usually are, as Contador held a decent lead for the last five days or so of the tournament, and was all but assured victory going into the last day of riding. Surely the better part of a week is enough time to get the right national anthem.

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