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Gettin’ the Party Started

November 17th, 2009
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Heady days here in Hespeler as our circa 1950’s liquor store is replaced by a new,12,000 square foot behomoth, that has room for a vintages section and, get this, more than 4 feet of cold display for the beer. bah_humbugOur old store was serviceable but the former drive-through store, that was one of those “fill out the form and somebody will get your Canadian Club for you,” set-ups until sometime in the 70’s, had outlived it’s usefulness. It never really could handle the Hespeler appetite, and now we have the 6th biggest LCBO outlet in Ontario. Heady days indeed.

Not to be outdone, the ROC (rest of Cambridge) threw their Santa Claus parade on the south side of the 401, and had a parade driver arrested for impaired driving– I am reliably informed it was, in fact, Santa’s driver. He will plead fog I am guessing.

Maybe they can’t handle their drink in the ROC, but here in Hespeler Daddy Dalton has deemed us all growed up and sent us flying into the 1990’s. We are, as you can imagine, chuffed.

Blogging will be light the rest of the evening, as I have some  Wychwood Brewery Bah Humbug Christmas Ale to get through.

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