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The Feed – Outsider

September 10th, 2014
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I did something I have never done before: after receiving free, high-fi .wav files for The Feed’s Outsider, after giving it a one-off listen, I went to their webpage and pre-ordered the vinyl LP. Outsider was simply that good.

I decide to bother downloading something for review usually based on a single song. So I gave My Blues a shot, and was blown away. It’s a great song but more so, it has a great groove. The rhythm section of Kevin Bowers on drums and Ben Reece on bass (and saxophone), are create a groove that vocalist/keyboardist David Grelle and guitarist Jordan Heimburger move around inside of to create great songs.

The influences permeate the album, without a dominant one coming forward: Is it 60’s rock? 70? That sounds like White Stripes or Wheezer, T-Rex or Deep Purple, but at the end it’s uniquely their own sound. It’s rock and roll. And very good rock and roll at that.

The Feed’s Outsider is simply a great sounding, great feeling album that should be on any rock fans must hear list. Damn it’s good.

Outsider is available now at the usual outlets, or you can pre-order the vinyl LP from The Feed’s website.

Celestial Calling
My Blues
Everybody Wants You
Maggie Jean

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