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Cool For Cats Friday

December 23rd, 2011
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It’s Festivus, and what is more Festivusy than Calvin??? This video is way cool, and really, is there a cooler cat than Calvin?

Here’s a quiz: how do you own The Band’s Islands album for years and not realize this beautiful Christmas song is on it?

There is an alternate version from Northern Lights Southern Cross (another album I’ve owned for years and &tc.).

Don’t know why, but songs that specifically refer to the Baby Jesus seem to have me this year. So here’s one that’s better than I remember:

Dear Santa: I have been a good boy and for Christmas, I would like:


And lest I be accused of forgetting the fairer sex.

Merry Christmas to everyone who has visited At Home in Hespeler the last year. Thank you for coming and reading my stuff.

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