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Saturday Fluffernutter: The Truth is Not an Option Edition

April 9th, 2011
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All the fluffy news about those nutty celebrities

fluffincolorHaha, you decided. Charlie Sheen is coming to town, puttin’ on a show, Andy Rooney style. Gonna get me a ticket to that – cheap at $80 – put on a “winning” t-shirt, drop $20 on parking an have me an entertaining evening. Just like the folks in Detroit.39010007_lg

The folks in Detroit beg to differ. Sheen opened his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat in Not an Option” tour is losing fashion. Defeat was not just an option, it was a reality as fans booed, walked out and demanded their money back.

Sheen arrived on stage to various, disjointed video clips and semi-coherent rants quoting such diverse sources as Bob Dylan and Robert Plant.

Couldn’t have just used those two 50’s for kindling?

fluffincolorWhat’s that line about two bad guys having a gun fight? Don’t pick sides.

Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne are having a knock ‘em down, claws out, kitty kat fight. Love is upset that Osbourne referred to her as a crack addict. ‘I’ve been clean since 2005,’ meowed Love back. ‘And I’ve seen Kelly Osbourne having an Overdose. In fact, I’ve saved Kelly Osbourne’s life,’ she purred angrily.

If fur was pointy sticks, a guy could lose an eye around here.

fluffincolorReview In Brief: Lincoln Lawyer

Made in Detroit meets A Time to Kill

fluffincolorMy Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option: Day 2.

A complete make over of the show in Chicago seems to have save the Vatican Assassin from the horror of more bad reviews. Chicago fans enjoyed, and gave a standing O. The show featured Sheen and Toronto’s own Joey Vandetta in an Q & A format. The change seems to have brought focus to the show, allowing Sheen to shine through.

$80 plus to watch someone be interviewed, and these people are happy? And what’s this about the crowd giving a “standing O?” What was it, a crowd of gymnasts?

fluffincolorDespite her criminal lack of talent, Madonna denies claims she is being investigated by the FBI.

Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, was created to produce a girls school in the poverty stricken country – because what young girls without food or clean water need is lessons in fake Jewish mysticism.

A couple of million dollars was raised through her celebrity connections. The money is gone and penny one has not been spent on building a school. Neither a classroom nor a mud-hut dormitory has been built.

Yet despite that, despite the fact cheques were cashed, receipts issued, despite the fact the people running the charity on the ground were treating themselves to golf club memberships and other lavish expenses, neither the FBI or IRS have any plans to investigate.

Madonna remains committed and focused on what matters: helping the children of Malawi.

Dear children of Malawi: the cheque, and the membership, is in the mail.


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Saturday Fluffernutter: Keira’s PSA; Corner Gas Day; is Sanata stoned or something?; Madonna Gets Told

April 4th, 2009
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Saturday Fluffernutter – all the fluffy news about those nutty celebrities.

fluffincolorKeira Knightly appeared this week in a dramatic Public Service Announcement about domestic violence. marshmallow_fluff03In the piece Knightly is playing a movie scene that turns bad, and her supporting actor beats her up.

“I didn’t agree to this”

fluffincolorCTV’s highly rated sitcom Corner Gas will air it’s last episode on April 13th. Corner Gas takes place in the fictional town of Dog River Saskatchewan, it determines to prove there’s more going on than meets the eye in Saskatchewan, or as the theme songs says:

if you think there’s not a lot going on,
look closer baby, your so wrong.

Proving the rather new adage, don’t believe everything you hear in a theme song, the province of Saskatchewan is declaring April 13th Corner Gas day. Because if you think there’s anything else going on, look closer…

fluffincolorAfter 15 years on TV, ER signed off this Thursday. Not coincidentally, I watched ten minutes of ER for the first time in 13 years Thursday, and discovered that insomnia is not forever.

fluffincolorI’ve never been a Santana fan. To my ear Carlos Santana has got good guitar chops but I don’t like his style. Apparently the same rule applies to his thoughts as well. He’s on the mark that President Obama should legalize marijuana – prohibition has proven disastrous and foolish. But then he goes off a rant about education and “D movies” and simply proves that too much marijuana turns you into a babbling idiot.

fluffincolorMadonna was turned away from Malawi without a child this week, as the Malwawigian (Malawist?) Supreme Court ruled she could not adopt another orphan from that country.  I might have ignored this story as it rather bores me, except about a week and a half ago, officials from Malawi’s Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Development had the following to say, and it’s too good not to reprint:

Our official policy is that we do not encourage our children to be sent into broken homes. The news she is linked to another woman’s husband and a young man less than half her age makes us question her morals.

And how do you say “she’s skanky ho” in bureaucratise?

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