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Saturday Fluffernutter: The March of the Beiber Edition.

March 16th, 2013
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All the fluffy news about those nutty celebrities

fluffincolorJustin Beiber’s disastrous week in London ended in the style in which it was lived. Apparently his erratic behavior was caused by overwork: “I was working out every morning and had a huge show every night.”

He’s 21, and a morning in the gym, and 2-hours of dancing in the evening is too grueling? What the hell happened to the youth.fluff-glass

Meanwhile, the Beiber’s are complaining Justin had to have his 21st birthday without his family being present. This from his mother’s twitter account:

First bday I’m not with you! Miss u like crazy.

Beiber himself said of his week in London, “I’m far away from home. I miss my family.

How rock star of him.

fluffincolorOn top of that which we covered last week, Beiber’s Big Week ended with a shouting match with a paparazzi last Friday, challenging the photographer to a fight. Beiber, leaving his hotel, pushed the photographer out of the way. When the photographer complained, Beiber charged at him, yelling,

What the fuck did you say? What did you say? I’m gonna fucking beat the fuck out of you.

A couple of days earlier his pal, the rapper Lil Twist ( seriously?) crashed the Beib’s Fisker Karma car into a lamp post in LA. This after getting a ticket a week earlier for illegally tinted windows.

After leaving London, Beiber cancelled a concert in Portugal on Tuesday, citing his rough week.

Crashing cars and fighting is very rock star: threatening to fight without doing so, having somebody else crash your car and canceling concerts? I repeat, what’s wrong with kids, and “rock” stars, these days?

fluffincolorBest part of the Week of Beiber was Olivia Wilde tweeting, “Beiber, put your fucking shirt on…” The tweet got a reaction, but not the one she was expecting – Beiber’s fans flooded her twitter feed with angry abuse.

Sadly, Wilde has now backtracked a little, saying she tweeted out of concern for Beiber. Truth be told, I would respect her far more if she responded by saying, “sorry, what I meant to say was, pull up your pants, you look like a moron.”

fluffincolorGweneth Paltrow has it all, looks, wealth, fame, perfect family and pretentiously high self-esteem that borders on narcissistic. In her new cookbook, the actress recounts a story of serving a meal to friends in the garden of her London home when she suddenly fell ill. She thought she was having a stroke and “that I was going to die.” Doctors later diagnosed her with a migraine and a panic attack. Because panic attacks are just like strokes.

Oh and, can’t wait to try that recipe.

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