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Saturday Fluffernutter: The Oprah Edition – plus: House-Music™ and Ringo-Religion™

April 17th, 2010

All the fluffy news about those nutty celebrities

fluffincolorRecently the Vatican has forgiven The Beatles for John Lennon’s famous 1966 quote, “We’re bigger than Jesus.” At the time the Vatican condemned The Beatles, referring to them as “possibly satanic.”

Ringo Starr replied this week saying, “the Vatican has more things to worry about.”

Funny world when the Beatles are respectable and The Vatican is “possibly Satanic.”

fluffincolorCelebrity biographer Kitty Kellyfluff2released a new tell-all this week on TV super-duper-star Oprah Winfrey. The most surprising revelation? The big O once lived sinfully with John Tesh of Entertainment Tonight and really bad music fame.

Other Kelly revelations include about Oprah include:

Her real name is Oscar Winfield

Her husband Stedman is the founder of famous Canadian grocery chain, Stedman’s.

Oprah once shared beef Jerky with Ben Roethlisberger in the men’s room of a Georgia deli.

She kicked John Tesh out of their Memphis love nest when Tesh played a new composition for her, which she told Tesh was “space aged white-assed crap, which made me lose what little respect I had for you.”

She sang back-up for Sly and the Family Stone

fluffincolorLarry King, the famous talk guy with the infamous breath, is on the divorce train for the eight time. Rumour is that King, 76, was stepping out with 50 year old Shawn Southwick’s sister. And that he didn’t have a pre-nup.

Ouch! This ones gonna hurt Larry.

fluffincolorDoctor House MD, AKA Hugh Laurie, has gotten himself a record deal with Warner records. Laurie is a talented musician and muti-instrumentalist, as well as leader of the Band from TV.

Expect to hear some House-Music™ sometime in the fall.

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