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Justin Time

June 5th, 2013

From the inbox:

The recent ethical lapses in the Prime Minister’s office show Canadians need more openness and accountability from their Leaders.

Some people think that change can come from the top-down. But I know that real change can only come from Canadians like you.

That’s why today I announced our Open Parliament plan including common sense reforms, like posting all Parliamentarians’ expenses online and developing a clear role for the Auditor-General in ensuring proper spending in Parliament.

Now I want you to help me build on this plan.

Share your ideas on how we can once again raise the bar on transparency and tell me what you think of the reforms I’ve already proposed.

Canadians know the difference between right and wrong. Now I want your ideas on how we can ensure that our representatives in Ottawa play by the same rules as everyone else.

Take a minute to give me your input on how we can raise the bar on transparency, and share your opinion on the common sense reforms I’ve already proposed:

OK, I’ll start and in the spirit of bi-partisanship, I would agree all MPs expenses should be online, if they weren’t already. It will tell you, for instance, that Julian Fantino, who’s riding is over 4-hours to Ottawa spends almost $40,000 less in expenditures than Justin Trudeau, who’s riding is less than an hour from Ottawa.

Now, how about we post online all monies earned by MPs, from all sources.

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