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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral:

September 4th, 2012
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So Rob Ford requests charitable donations so that “at risk youth” can play football. On the letterhead were the words From the Office of Mayor Rob Ford. Bingo, bango, boingo, conflict of interest, sanctions, and a court case that could see a mere judge overrule the clear will of the electorate.spiral toronto

If you’re a left-wing councillor do you:

a) Support Ford, recognizing that he is doing what you say you support, i.e. using sports to direct possible gang members away from crime?

b) Recognize that the frivolousness of the charge vs. the seriousness of the consequence is worrying. The fact that overturning an uncontested election result over using wrong letterhead on a charitable fundraiser is a very slippery slope indeed?

c) Worry that the possible precedence will bring chaos to municipal politics, and be concerned that you had made a minor error that will see some activist constituent have you thrown out of office on frivolous charges?

d) Measure the Mayors office for drapes?

The corpse isn’t even a corpse yet and some on council are said to be floating a takeover plan…

“Joe Mihevic would be perfect in my view… It makes sense since you take away his face and behind it you basically have David Miller.”

It’s called a coup, and when this case is done, the lawyers are paid and put to bed, serious people need to investigate what’s going in here, and if laws have been broken. The protection of our democracy demands it.


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