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Cool For Cats Friday

January 14th, 2011
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It’s Dire Straits day in Hespeler, if for no other reason than because the pimply minions of bureaucracy don’t want it to be. First the “not a hate crime” Dire Straits:

Oh-oh what were those words?

The caretaker was crucified for sleeping at his post…
How come Jesus gets Industrial Disease?

Wouldn’t that violate certain UN approved blasphemy laws, and isn’t it hateful towards Christians? And what can a Betty Davis fan feel like when she hears that song?

Still and all, not quite hateful enough. Live, from the CBSC in idiotic Ottawa, Ontario, Dire Straits performing a Canadian hate crime: Money for Nothing:

P.S. to Alanis Morissette: Ottawa bureaucrats banning Money for Nothing is irony.

If you heard Charles Adler interview Ron Cohen yesterday, you’ll know it wasn’t the song they banned, it was the word “faggot,” Therefore, from the Department of One Fell Swoops:

And I suppose that “Well he’s a friend of them long haired, hippy-type, pinko fags! I betchya he’s even got a commie flag. Tacked up on the wall inside of his garage,” is out:

Now personally, if I owned a radio station, this one wouldn’t get airplay.

The CBSC didn’t ban one song, it banned a word, thus many songs.

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