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The Canadian Media: Missing the Story Once Again

February 5th, 2010

I am becoming so sick of reading and hearing the Canadian media telling me that it really is none of my business where Danny Williams goes for health care with what is, after all, his money.

Danny Williams, and so many others like him, have spent their political career insisting that you, and I, cannot be allowed to make the same choice he just made. Danny Williams, promoter of Canadian socialized medicine deemed it not good enough for him. For you, it’s too good. For him, not so much.

Lets be clear here. If I wrote an argument on these pages insisting on a private option in my health care, Danny Williams would say I was un-Canadian, that I had health care in my cross hairs. So you see Danny Boy, if I’m un-Canadian for suggesting such a thing, your unfit to lead Canadian’s for doing such a thing.

That’s what this story is about: those of us with some means, but not means enough to hop on a jet and take us to the Mayo Clinic, would like the choice to do as Danny does, not what Danny says.

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