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Take a Picture of This…

March 2nd, 2012

Here’s a riddle. What would happen if I photoshopped my head onto that famous Lee Harvey Oswald picture of him holding his rifle (seen right). Is that a crime? What would happen to me?lho-backyard-picture

Waterloo Regional Police, who are the locals here in Hespeler, arrested a dad last week because his daughter drew, on a whiteboard, a picture of him with a gun. The stated reason for arrest? Possession of an illegal weapon. The facts of the case are well known and have been rehashed ad-naseum, so I won’t dwell on them here. The pertinent details involve the “illegal weapon,” handcuffs and a strip search (“co-parent” Gregg Bereznick, Superintendent of Education with the Waterloo Region District School Board, was excluded from the procedure of arresting and strip searching).

A search of 26-year-old father of four Jessie Sansone’s home was almost certainly as illegal as the strip search, and produced one clear plastic toy gun, nowhere near the cache they would have found in my home many years ago. But, of course, my story was satire, it could never really happen &tc. Except, as it turns out, it is from my bad joke to Waterloo Regional Police’s policy manual.

The police, of course, stand by the arrest, even though no charges have been laid, and won’t be unless it is Police Board Act charges, and I wouldn’t bet against that happening. So the arrest for possession of an illegal weapon, a weapon that exists only in the imagination of a four year old, is good policing. If that is so, then surely a picture of an Hespeler area blogger standing with Lee Harvey Oswald’s Carcano, is also possession of an illegal weapon, photoshop notwithstanding. And surely as he would appear to be standing outside in a public place, rather carelessly I would say, a little dangerous to the public order could be thrown in, all the more reason for that cavity search.

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