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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral

September 28th, 2010

Remember when Sarah Thomson entered the Toronto mayoral race? spiral torontoShe was a choice for conservatives, a business woman with good fiscal sense.

Today, she left the race, citing Rob Ford as the “voice of anger,” and threw her endorsement behind a Liberal with the nickname furious George, who was responsible when the Ministry of Health blew $1B on a program that created zero electronic health records.

Want to know why Toronto’s broken? “Sarah Thomson, conservative choice for mayor.”

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John Tory: Does Toronto Really Need Another Liberal Running for Mayor?

January 7th, 2010

John Tory has apparently decided not to run for mayor of Toronto in the upcoming municipal election. Reading the story, what struck me was the people who managed his previous campaigns:

Jeff Bangs, who managed Tory’s 2004 campaign for the Conservative leadership, decided to run former Liberal provincial minister George Smitherman’s campaign for mayor.

As well, Rocco Rossi, who managed Tory’s failed bid for the mayor’s chair in 2003, announced his own candidacy.

Jeff Bangs is now off to run former Provincial Liberal cabinet minister George Smitherman’s campaign. Rocco Rossi is the former executive director for the Liberal Party of Canada. You might remember him for his Kayaking to save the Liberals last summer.

Russ Campbell comments today on the fate of the Provincial PC brand here in Ontario:

The lost years under John Tory may be too hard to overcome.

The reason for that Russ, is that he was never a Conservative, just a Liberal in PC clothing.

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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral

September 10th, 2009
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After six years of hard-left winger David Miller’s reign, there is signs that the people of Toronto are looking for some change.   So who do they get coming to the plate?toronto

Provincial cabinet minister George Smitherman, from the leftern most reaches of the Liberal Party.

One question for George Smitherman: what would you have done differently you had been in charge the last six years?

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