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In Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario…

February 28th, 2011

daltons-ontario it’s like Fantino never left…

On Saturday there was a “Truth and Reconciliation Rally” in Caledonia Ontario,  in which the protesters, or bad guys in OPP parlance, were “repeatedly bumped and obstructed,” walking down the road. The OPP, which did arrest Gary McHale in 2007 for the aggressive action of raising a Canadian flag, did bubkus.

McHale did have a chance to speak to one of the six nations elders, but was drowned out by bussed in protesters.

Natasha at Moose & Squirrel has done great work on this.

And be sure to read Christie Blatchford’s compelling book on the Caledonia Crisis:

Update: from Natasha in the comments: o, no — All I’m doing is relaying the info Mark Vandermaas (Voice of Canada) has been kind enough to provide.

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