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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral:

June 27th, 2012
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he heard what sounded like “an explosion or a bullet” when a piece of the Gardiner Expressway fell on his Mercedes.

Juxtaposed to this:

He (Mayor Rob Ford) should be in the parade on July 1st; he should be here today” (Councillor Janet) Davis insisted. The residents of Toronto and the LGBT community should have answers for why he’s not here. It’s his job.”

Davis said there was nothing more important than being at the flag raid
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Back when I first noted Toronto was in a death spiral, it was suggested I was being overly negative because I didn’t like the then mayor. That’s missing the point. It’s about priorities. The mayors most important job is to ensure that chunks of concrete aren’t falling off one of the busiest sections of highway in North America, not to attend a parade or flag raising event. Yet Councillor Davis is treated as if she’s making a point instead of sounding like a complete moron.

Although she’s right about one thing, the Mayor of Canada’s largest city should be marching in a parade July 1st: he should be front and centre in the cities Dominion Day Parade. Or am I the only one starting to resent the fact this group has completely taken over the national holiday?

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