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Profli-gate, Still Not the Scandal

June 15th, 2011
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When the Conservative Party of Canada met last week for their Convention in Ottawa, Police cordoned off a city street so protesters could have their say. The along came the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and their debt clock. The clock has been on the Canadian political scene for twenty years, and was pulled out of storage last year, yet the only thing that has blown up in that time is government spending.

So when Conservative delegates reported the clock as a “suspicious vehicle,” Ottawa Police naturally did what the RCMP did back in March, when the clock made a visit to Parliament Hill, they prevented it going about it’s useful business. Ottawa Police detained the clock, and CTF staff while they investigated the suspicious horse trailer with numbers. Police were able to determine that the large numbers, counting upwards, where not a detonating device, but not without calling in the bomb squad.

Just shameful!

Watch the CTF’s video of the morons of the Ottawa Police force violating the charter rights of CTF staff below:

If you have a blog of your own, get some suspicious numbers to put on your sidebar:

<iframe src=”” alt=”” width=”210? frameborder=”0? height=”135? scrolling=”no”></iframe>

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Debt Clock

March 1st, 2011

In the 1990’s the Canadian Taxpayer Federation launched a National Debt Clock.

The National Debt Clock (Picture courtesy CTF)

The National Debt Clock
(Picture courtesy CTF)

The twelve foot long clock got dragged around the country hitched to a pickup truck to highlight Canada’s growing debt problem. It was retired in 1998 after the federal and provincial governments started balancing their budgets.

With the return to deficit financing in 2008, the CTF launched an on-line debt clock. This year, after public requests to do so, they resurrected the original clock. It is currently being towed across the country, starting one week ago in BC, and ending Halifax at the end of March.

You can also get a Debt Clock for your webpage, and you will see I now have it on my sidebar:

To add a Debt Clock widget to your webpage, copy and paste this code:

<iframe src=”” alt=”” width=”210″ frameborder=”0″ height=”135″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

or get the code from CTF. You can also find out where the Debt Clock will be at the CTF webpage, and request it stop in your community. I’ll be requesting a Hespeler stop, hopefully on a day I can stop by and talk to the CTF guys.

And Kevin Gaudet, if you can make it personally to Hespeler, there’s a coffee in it for you from me.

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