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Ford to CAW: WE Want Pattern Bargaining

July 8th, 2009

Now that Ford has told the Canadian Autoworkers Union they want the same concessions bankrupt GM and Chrysler got, what choice does the CAW have? From day one their motto has been the same deal for all. It’s called pattern bargaining, and they insist it’s necessary for a variety of reasons, one of which is to not provide a competitive advantage to any one company.

ford-mustang-shelby-cobra-gt500kr_fs1“Wait,” I hear Ford workers saying. “Ford didn’t go bankrupt; Ford didn’t take government money; Ford is doing just fine, why should we give concessions?”

The answer: pattern bargaining. It works on the way up, and it works on the way down. Chrysler and GM weren’t good enough at doing business to survive with that contract, so why should Ford have to?

Thus, Ford Motor Company will get their wish, they will recieve the same concessions that the other companies got, and Ford’s workers will be pressured and threatened and cajoled into accepting those concessions, because that’s what’s good for Chrysler and GM employees.

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Autoworkers Did not Cause This Crisis…

April 2nd, 2009

Greedy speculators caused this crisis.

From an open letter to CAW Members:

CHRYSLERUNVEILING7.jpgThere have been incredible attacks on autoworkers in recent months, and those attacks are going to get worse – from anti-union politicians, from anti-union auto analysts, from the anti-union media. We reject those attacks. Autoworkers did not cause this crisis. Greedy speculators caused this crisis.

Memo to Ken Lewenza. Unions in this country are the worst group for attacking others, blaming everyone else for their own problems. If you don’t want to be attacked, then don’t attack other groups.

If you really must, however, at least wait until a new paragraph.

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