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Blogrolling Gone

September 1st, 2011
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Last night I noticed two of my blogs were suddenly re-directing my page to I don’t know what happened, but after time on the phone to my host, they found a redirect link on one of my pages. After spending  the day investigating, I figured out that I had a bunch of links to on my sidebar.

blogrollMost blogrolls, i.e. Blogging Tories, Red Ensign, Waterloo Wellington Bloggers, use blogroll to manage  their list. This is fine. However, I have removed all blog-rolls from this page. It wasn’t until the last one was gone that the problem went away. Why it suddenly appeared, I have no clue. But if you run a blog-roll and wonder why I am not listing you anymore, it is because you use, and they messed with my blog. They, and any blog-rolls using them, will not be back.

Blog-roll managers: If you feel you must, please remove me from your roll. I understand the concept of mutual benefit that comes from me displaying your blog-roll, and you including me in it. When my readers get redirected to, I no longer benefit. Apologies all round, but that’s the deal.

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