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How Do They Ticket Those Cyclists Without Licenses?

October 4th, 2009

Just over two weeks ago I wrote a couple of posts suggesting that the move afoot to license cyclists had more to do with restricting peoples freedom than than any benefit that may incur. Oh no, I heard, and heard… How can you give tickets to people that don’t have licenses?

How indeed?

overkill-bicycle-chopperOf that 184 tickets police issued to cyclists, 49 went to bikers whose bikes didn’t have a working bell. Forty of the tickets were issued because the cyclist didn’t have proper working lights, and 38 were issued to cyclists who were riding on the sidewalk. Other citations were given to cyclists who didn’t stop at red lights or who made improper lane changes.

Handing out tickets has never been the issue, police have been doing so to cyclists for years, just as they do to pedestrians. And therefore, it is not what the licensing issue is about.
And note to all the people who claim this is about lousy bicycle drivers  being unsafe on the road, the most tickets handed out where for… not having a bell.

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