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Courage, Hollywood Style

January 12th, 2015
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The Golden Globes are on last night, and while I have no interest in murdering a perfectly good Sunday night in this particular fashion, millions do watch. This year, the Globes were hosted, as seems they always are, by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As usual, they took pokes and jabs at some of the bigger stories making the rounds, and as usual they are treated as if what they do is brave.

“… the two also veered into potentially more dangerous waters when they took aim at comedian Bill Cosby,” writes The National Post’s Chris Knight. Yes, that’s right, on the same day millions marched in France to show defiance to Muslim terrorists, stale old Bill Cosby jokes are what Hollywood considers “dangerous.” Hell, Bill Cosby rape jokes are so de rigueur, Bill Cosby made one last week. But Poehler and Fey veer into “dangerous waters,” when they make one.

On the same week as Charlie Hebdo you know what would be dangerous, a Muhammad joke. But that’s the point. In the land of make believe, even the courage is fake.

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