Dalton McBrezhnev

September 18th, 2007

Have you seen that commercial yet? Dalton McGuinty virtually giggling into the camera (scroll down the empty page and click on video 3: Public Schools):

You know what I love about Ontario’s public schools? They’re public.

Not that it’s good, effective, gives our kids a superior education, prepares them for reality, or is inexpensive and efficient. No, what Dalton McGuinty loves about the education system is that it’s owned and operated by the government of Ontario.

Which makes giggles McGuinty a dangerous ideologue:

Soviet TV, 1978 – Your great leader Leonid Ilyich McBrezhnev:

Comrades. Do you know what I love about Russian made GAZ automobiles? That it takes three years to get one? Nyet. That it breaks down with annoying regularity? Nyet. That it’s dangerous, unreliable and poorly made? The way the glove box rattles, the coffee cup holder is twice the size of any coffee cup I ever saw, and the sun roof won’t close when it gets wet? Nyet comrades. What I love about my Lada is it’s made by the government.

Don’t we need a better reason for supporting public education than “because it’s public”? And if that’s the only reason to continue supporting it, then isn’t that an admission that it’s time for a complete re-think on the education file?

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