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Saturday Fluffernutter: Britneys Belly; Zeppelin’s Millions

September 15th, 2007

How bad was Britney Spears MTV Video Music Awards opener last Sunday? This article refers to her as a “mumbling, miming performance.” When you are getting panned for both lip synching, and mumbling, you have a problem. Truth is, however, that she was obviously lip synching, so the mumbling accusation must be taken at face value. Perhaps they meant bumbling, which is fair comment. My favourite part? At the 45 second mark (video here) when she steps on up a knee high riser, and needs help. Any performer worth their salt could make that hop with ease.

Then there’s this very troubled young man:

Hey, I wish nothing more for people to leave her alone so she can get on with her well deserved obscurity.

On the complete opposite of the talent scale, Led Zeppelin announced a one-off reunion show on Nov 24th. Tickets are available through a lottery system, and so far “about 20 million fans” have put their name forward for a chance at the $250 tickets. Hopefully a number like “about 20 million” will convince Robert Plant that a tour should happen.

Here’s one I don’t know how I’m going to get out of. Lady Hespeler’s favourite actor, Colin Firth, has signed on to play Harry Bright in the movie version of Lady Hespeler’s favourite play, Abba’s Mama Mia! Even the addition of Pierce Brosnan can’t overcome Abba music and Meryl Streep. And with a July 18 release date, it looks a very un-happy birthday weekend for a well known Hespeler area blogger.

And speaking of Colin’s, yaaa! to Colin Farrell, who this week, instead of whining that we all don’t do enough for the homeless, put his money where his mouth is. While attending the Toronto Film Festival, Farrell spotted a panhandler in the crowd whom he knew from a previous visit (apparently during his last time in Toronto a radio station was offering $2,000 to the person who could bring Colin Farrell in. Farrell grabbed the first panhandler he could find, this same fellow, and dragged him to the radio station to get the $2,000). So Farrell spots this guy, says to him “jump in the car,” and takes him on a spending spree. He buys a couple of grand in outdoor equipment, coat, sleeping bag &tc, then gives him a wad of cash, enough for first and last on an apartment. The homeless guy himself says he gave him a chance to finally get off the street. If he does, then Farrell’s a hero on this one.

On the other end of the human decency scale, OJ Simpson is back in trouble with the law. OJ calls it getting some stuff that belongs to me back, but Nevada police are calling it armed robbery. It’s only in the investigation stage right now, but my guess is if Simpson is charged, tried and found guilty, he’ll get a maximum sentence. And this ain’t Canada OJ, it won’t be 2-5 with possible parole after 1/3 sentence, mandatory release after 2/3. It will be real, hard time.

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