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Stephane Dion: $22.8M to proviode employment for artists

July 13th, 2007

From a Liberal Party of Canada mailer:

There’s no question that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives’ $22.8 million cuts to arts programs like the Public Diplomacy Program (PDP) and international arts touring are putting at risk thousands of artists’ livelihoods and are hurting our arts and cultural community.

Last week at a roundtable discussion with arts and culture groups like the Writers’ Union of Canada, Mr. Dion pledged to restore the full $22.8 million cut by the Conservatives.

What is it that makes politicians think the Government of Canada, and specifically the Taxpayers of Canada, owe artists a livelihood? And as William Watson points out in today’s Financial Post:

The real reason our governments pay out all these subsides is not pseudo-scientific economic calculation but naked political fear of offending lovers of jazz or comedy or fast cars, or the hundreds of other different activities modern governments subsidize. Wouldn’t it make more sense if we all used our own money to directly support the activities we each favour?

And if some artist can’t create a livelihood under those conditions? Hey, there’s an oil patch out in Alberta that has all sorts of livelihoods available.

Silly Liberals, Unsolicited Political Advice

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