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May 26th, 2007

The Washington Posts Gene Weingarten had a great column, appearing in todays National Post, entitled “Much to Paris Hilton’s embarrassment…” (sorry, no link available). It covers phrases not found in google, some of which are hilarious. A googlenot (Weingarten ‘s phrase, not found on google) is what he calls them:

“Much to Paris Hilton’s embarrassment”
“Caviar ‘n’ taters”
“Next, boil the toast”
“Please accept these underpants as collateral…”
“Hey, this tastes like aardvark”
“Wearing only a codpiece and a sombrero”
and my favourite

Look for that last one to make it into my repertoire of lines, and if your at dinner with me, don’t be surprised if you hear “Hey, this tastes like aardvark.”

I found a few of my own

“fat, ugly Shania Twain”
“he rode his bike up Mt. Everest” (Surprisingly, however, “bicycle up Everest” had a hit, as in “IE6 and Javascript: Slower than me riding a bicycle up Everest.”)
“brilliant Jean Charest”
“dolphin in the headlights”
And finally
“Weingartenisms” and, in fairness “Hespelerisms” & “Gardinerisms”.

Humour, Paris

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