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Go Senators Go!

May 20th, 2007

Coming from a guy who said this last October, this post may be construed as a big deal

Normally a Leaf fan, I have all but given up on professional hockey. I can’t get an emotional attachment to any other team, I can’t cheer for team corporate Toronto any more; the game has gone lame, the refs still call the score and the NHL is sucking up to markets that don’t give a rats a**, while sticking it to those that do.

However, I was in Ottawa at the beginning of the playoffs, actually like the town, and talked to a number of nice Ottawanians who are big Sens fans. For a Leaf guy, this is like cheering on the Canadiens (won’t happen, don’t ask – there fans are too big a jerks), but I’m going to do it.

Daniel Alfredson is still a clown, but I kind of like this team anyway – hey every team has their joker – and the family I have in Ottawa would love a Stanley Cup parade to go to. Don’t ask me to stay in and watch it on TV, but I’m pulling for the Senators, and fellow Leaf fans who don’t like it can stick it in their golf carts and go putt themselves.

And you, on the Ottawa bandwagon, move over I’m jumping on.

Go Sens Go!

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