Four Short Posts in One

May 16th, 2007

– There’s a new “Canadian Military Personnel” website that pays tribute to those “who gave their lives serving Canada,” called Fallen Canadians.

– A great article here by David Warren on the just how out of touch those who buy into global warming are. Meanwhile, Greenpeace builds an ark. (h/t Joanne)

This line, about Canada’s aboriginals, caught my eye:

Canada’s native Indians are so angry about the government’s failure to improve their often-impoverished living conditions…

Governments fail to improve people living conditions, it’s a little admitted, always reliable, fact. If you want your life improved, it requires doing it yourself.

– Now this is funny, thanks to Road Hammer for finding it.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 16th, 2007 at 09:55 | #1

    I love the arc story. There’s something ironic in watching secular leftards use biblical lore to further their agenda…

    Richard Evans

  2. Brian
    May 16th, 2007 at 10:15 | #2

    Richard, you can call them lunatics until your blue in the face, but a story like this gives that statement more credibility than a thousand blog postings.

    You know I never even thought of the point you make. The stories even funnier now.

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