Freedom Fries: Hold the Salt

May 9th, 2007

The next environmental war is coming to your grocery store, that’s pretty clear. In Dalton, Ban It!, McGuinty’s Ontario, Papa Government doesn’t wait long from idea to banning anything. Plastic garbage bags are on the radar, thus they are outta here.

But what of our health? It’s been a while since anyone has banned anything in the name of our health, in the name of saving health care. Fear not, we have found the new enemy of health care: salt:

Cutting the average Canadian’s salt intake in half would dramatically reduce the toll – human and economic – that hypertension or high blood pressure exacts in this country, a new study suggests.

Such a move would result in one million fewer people developing hypertension and a substantial increase in the number of people with hypertension who keep their blood pressure in check, according to the modelling study, published Tuesday in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

The ensuing reduction in scope of the country’s hypertension problem would save $430 million a year in direct costs

No word how much the public health system would save if they allowed Canadians to buy their own health care, but not to worry. It is governments way that when a program is failing, they make it mandatory. When it is still failing, they take away various rights and freedoms, deeming a) it’s for the peoples good and b) it’s for the programs good.

Therefore, look for the banning/regulating of salt in the very near future. Because salt is bad for you, and so, apparently, is freedom.

Food, freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy, pimply minions of bureaucracy

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