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Saturday Fluffernutter

May 5th, 2007

All the Fluffy news about the worlds biggest nuts.

I wasn’t planning on doing a fluffernutter this week, simply because of time reasons. Then along came a Paris Hilton jail sentence, plus the week brought a David Hasselhoff drunk on the floor video, and well… this is why I do the Saturday Fluffernutter.

Well, start with the good one. Paris Hilton was sentenced yesterday to 45 days in Los Angeles County Jail begging June 5th.

In his judgment, Superior Court judge Michael Sauer ruled that the 26-year-old high profile celebrity heiress knowingly drove her blue Bentley Continental GTC with a suspended license when she was stopped by Los Angeles County deputies on February 27 for speeding and driving without headlights on.

Hilton was ordered that time to steer her car to the side of the road in Sunset Boulevard, and Sgt. Duane Allen Jr. of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department later impounded her $190,000 blue Bentley when they found her driving on a suspended license.

About five weeks before that incident Hilton was sentenced to three years’ probation, which included the requirement that she “obey all laws,” after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving deriving from a September arrest in Hollywood.

Miss Hilton claims she did not know her licence was suspended, as her handlers never told her. Hell, I knew her licence was suspended, how could she not know? For an entertaining read, go to her MySpace site and peruse the friends comments.

Many seem to think we’re in for a reality series from this, but I’m waiting for the illicit video that’s bound to hit the internet around labour day.

A video surfaced this week of a drunk David Hasselhoff, lying on the floor trying to eat a hamburger. The video was taken by two of his daughters who talk to him throughout. The daughters reportedly taped Hasselhoff because they were “concerned for my well-being, there was a tape made that night to show me what I was like.”

Hasselhoff alleges his ex-wife released the tape, a charge which she denies.

I blame Kim Bassinger.

Note: if your a fan, just watch this video instead, it’s funnier, and better.

Britner Spears did a few mini-gigs in California this week. Many reports talk about her wig, her short skirt and shorter top, but the thing that caught my eye was the four dancers. If you go on stage in a small venue like a House of Blues, you really have to be able to just perform, never mind back up dancers. If you can’t do that, then you don’t belong in the big leagues.

Britney Spears has proven she doesn’t belong in the big leagues.

Video clip of HoB show here.

Tom Poston, who played the wonderful George Utley on Newhart, passed this week at the age of 85. He began acting after doing his duty in WWII, earning medals for bravery under fire, and never seemed to be not working. He married Suzanne Pleshette in 2002, his third wife, and is survived by her and and two children, Francesca Hudson, an actress; and Jason Poston.

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