Nazi’s for Nature

May 1st, 2007

Who said the following?

“[It is] useful to know the laws of nature – for that enables us to obey them. To act otherwise would be to rise in revolt against heaven.”

Give you a hint: It is related to this:

“We have a moral obligation to our Lord and Father to ensure we don’t destroy the creation that was given to us.”

The second of course is Elizabeth May, but the first? They seem a lot alike, certainly both could come from the same speech. But they don’t. Here’s another hint: The next quote is what relates the two:

Stephen Harper’s stance on climate change is “a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of the Nazis.”

Again, Elizabeth May. And the first, if you haven’t guessed is Adolph Hitler. A few other quotes from real Nazis:

“At the end of the last century the progress of science and technique led liberalism astray into proclaiming man’s mastery of nature, and announcing he would soon have dominion over space … In any case, we shall learn to become familiar with the laws by which life is governed, and acquaintance with the laws of nature will guide us on the path of progress.” — Adolf Hitler, 11 July 1941.

Laws of nature will guide us on the path of progress? In a test, I would have said Stephan Dion.

“From now on, one may consider that there is no gap between the organic and inorganic worlds.” — Adolf Hitler, 24 October 1941.

“Man is not above nature, but in nature.” — Ernst Haeckel, Father of German Ecology.

“Man must not fall into the error of thinking that he was ever meant to become lord and master of Nature.” Hitler again.

We National Socialists demand of ourselves that we live as naturally as possible, that is to say in accord with the laws of life. The more precisely we understand and observe the laws of nature and of life and the more we keep to them, the more we correspond to the will of this omnipotent force.” — Martin Bormann, NSDAP Party Secretary.

I by no means wish to call Elizabeth May or Stephan Dion a Nazi. Merely to point out that Elizabeth May should be very careful who she calls what. Quick comparisons with Neville Chamberlain are easy, but cheap. Worse comparisons come easy as well, and there are worse things to be than a Nazi appeaser.

All National Socialist quotes from NAZI GERMANY AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

Elizabeth May, Global Warming, Who You Calling a Nazi?

  1. genslub3
    May 1st, 2007 at 20:36 | #1

    good work!

  2. Canadi-anna
    May 1st, 2007 at 23:40 | #2

    She certainly hasn’t done the Greens any favours.

  3. Brian
    May 2nd, 2007 at 04:18 | #3

    Thanks Genslub

    Anna, can’t imagine she’s done the Liberals any favours either.

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