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Financial Post, the Environement(alists) and the Budget.

March 23rd, 2007

Yesterdays Financial Post had two great articles worth reading. The first, by Peter Foster, documents how far into environmentalism we are being taken:

Travel once broadened the mind. Now it is claimed to threaten the planet. Climate change moralists, anti-global localists, and the enviro-left more generally, all want to keep us at home. The sole exception to this new dogma are the thousands upon thousands of policy wonks and NGO reps who seem constantly to be criss-crossing the skies to attend meetings in exotic locations to promote the new feudalism.

If it is wrong for people to travel, it is even more pernicious that agricultural products should go on long journeys. Kiwi is now the forbidden fruit, since it comes from a remote part of the globe to markets in Europe and North America. Thus is a small green delicacy linked to allegedly “robbing our children’s future.” In reality, such restrictions amount to an attempt to rob our children’s present. The perspective, experiences and even diets of our progeny must be narrowed for the sake of indeterminate threats to our great-grandchildren, about whom we — the fecklessly short-sighted — are declared not to care sufficiently. So government — guided by eco-fascists –must do it for us.

Well, screw that nonsense.

Well screw that nonsense indeed! But he’s right, if the environmental lobby had it’s way, we would all return to Victorian Times (he calls it a new Dark Age)and take the Barouche to work – unless you are an environmentalist. Then there’s that conference in Dubai that can’t be missed.

The second article, Lower. Taxes. Soon. Please. discusses how this weeks Conservative budget
represents a failure of conservatives to show the benefit of lower taxation:

Actually, informed speculation suggests that, given their poll numbers in Quebec, the Conservatives like their chances in an early federal election. If so, they probably designed the budget to be election-proof. And if that’s true, the Conservative brains trust clearly believes targeted tax-and-spend policies — or tax-expenditure and spend policies — are what Canadians want.

Mr. Harper is a cagey political strategist. He’s hard to second-guess on what Canadians want. If it’s not what small-c conservatives want, then the fault is ours. We haven’t persuaded people our policies are what the country needs. The solution is not for Mr. Harper to get a majority under false pretences and then revert to his true Reform/National Citizens Coalition self. Short of war breaking out, Canadian voters will never give him a blank cheque. No, the solution is to sell ordinary Canadians on the policies the country really needs.

He`s right, too. As conservatives we aren`t getting the message across that tax cuts help everyone. Canadian conservatives need to do a better job if we want to see real conservatism in this country.


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