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Politics in Canada: Some Nagging Questions

March 20th, 2007

If Watergate, Iran-Contragate, Monicagate and Shawanigate are all scandals, why isn’t profligate?

Why does Stephan Dion get credit for naming his dog Kyoto, when his dog is a big old Husky; does any dog besides the St. Bernard, exhale more CO2 than a Husky? Isn’t the Husky is, by nature, energy inefficient? Wouldn’t the energitic, yet compact, Jack Russel Terrior be a more apt dog to indicate your concern for the environment?

If Elizabeth May is only interested in knocking off Conservatives, if she doesn’t want to unseat a Liberal or New Democrat, what’s the point of the Green Party? Why doesn’t she just join one of those two parties?

Am I the only person who isn’t surprised that Jean Charest was handed all the conditions for a cakewalk, and is blowing it? I remember this act when he ran the Tories into the ground. Everybody blames Mulroney and Kim Campbell for the downfall of the PCs, but four years after Kim Campbell, Jean Charest had everything going to rebound the party to respectability and blew it. The party got spanked by the electorate in 1993. But in 1997 they were in position to do much better, could of and should of, except Charest was terrible. What’s more surprising, that he’s blowing this election, or that he ever won one in the first place?


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