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What Happened to the Green Parties Momentum?

February 21st, 2007

Remember December? Elizabeth May came second in London, and the punditry where aflame with glee, The Green party was about to break thorough. Nuh-huh, said I:

I subscribe to e-mail lists from all the parties, Green included. During the by-election I received all sorts of e mails about the vote, 100% of them for the Greens. In the last weeks of the campaign, the Green Party where offering transportation and lodging for anybody who could travel to London to help out. They threw everything, EVERYTHING, they had in London and still couldn’t win. They had their leader running, the full resources of the party, they blanketed the riding with their people, and came away with bubkis. Never mind a breakthrough, my guess is they threw all the money they had at the election, hoping for the big payoff of electing their own MP. I wonder if they’ll be able to afford to run a campaign in the next general election.

So where is Elizabeth May now? Trying to convince the Liberals and NDP not to run against her, and searching everywhere, literally coast to coast for a riding she can win:

“One morning I wake up and think for sure I’m going to run in Cape Breton-Canso,” she said.

“Then I think maybe I should run in Sydney-Victoria by the end of the day. And all I have to do is spend one afternoon in London North Centre with my friends there and I think I really should run in London North Centre. . . . So I have to decide soon. I also keep hoping that some kind of bolt from the blue will clarify everything for me.”

Then there’s Peter MacKay’s riding, because:

“I went into being leader of the Green party motivated as I was by deep-seated concern bordering on panic about Stephen Harper’s government and his intentions,” she said.

“So I’d find it more satisfying on a day-in-day-out basis in a campaign . . . to be running against someone . . . who represents the policies of the Harper government.”

So to clarify, she is going to run against Peter MacKay because “deep-seated concern bordering on panic about Stephen Harper’s government.” Or because it’s much less humiliating to lose to the Minister of Foreign Affairs than to Joe Nobody from Schenectady.

May needs to get the idea out of her head that the NDP and Liberals will help her, it is in their best interest, far more than the Conservatives, to have her lose. The NDP have told her so, the Liberals are stringing her along, but aren’t going to giver her one.

The truth is, Elizabeth May needs to start acting like a politician and stop acting like a school girl scared of the bogey man under her bed… or a Globe and Mail reporter.


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