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This Sounds Familiar

December 31st, 2005

I got The Secret Mulroney Tapes for Christmas. In spite of the press it got, with half a dozen quotes being pulled out of a 300 page book to make Mulroney seem all that the press wants him to be, it’s loaded with political insights, stories and wisdom, not to mention a few good shots. Here’s a quote about Kim Campbell’s 1993 election campaign that sounded familiar:

In the inevitable post-mortems, her chief of staff and transition advisor, Bill Neville, shared with Mulroney an interesting anecdote, which he is only too pleased to pass on:
She just had no political instincts whatsoever, none. Can you imagine doing something like going into a campaign without a platform? Bill Neville attended a meeting where it was decided that they would have no platform. It was a formal decision, approved by the leader. Can you imagine how goddamned vain you’ve got to be to think in 1993, with all the difficulties we have, you can go to a great pluralistic democracy and ask them to vote for you without telling them what you’re going to do?

Now which sitting Prime Minister does that sound like?


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