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Crowing About My Old School

February 12th, 2007

Going back to today’s kids theme, I enjoyed todays feature story in the Toronto Sun on Thorncliffe Park Public School:

Thorncliffe Park Public School is the largest elementary school in North America with a huge immigrant population that manages to seamlessly integrate new students who don’t speak English into the system.

Back in 1968-69, when I was a young immigrant newly arrived in Canada (we arrived in the summer of 1966, just in time for the Leafs to win a Stanley Cup) I attended kindergarten at Thorncliffe Park Public School. Everybody spoke English of course, and I don’t recall if my Irish accent caused my teachers any problems, but not much sounds like it has changed at Thorncliffe Park.

Then, we lived in a 6 story apartment across the road from the school, we shopped at Thorncliffe Park Mall, which I take from the story is now called the East York Town Centre. Like the families in the story, we moved out one year after attending TPPS. How little some things have changed; the immigrants are from different countries, but they are settling the same areas, attending the same schools. We moved from Thorncliffe to Bramalea, another place presently popular with new Canadians.

On a side note, we lived a few miles from another young boy, Stephen Harper, who attended neighbouring Northlea Public School.


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