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Robert Plant’s Charity

December 31st, 2005

This story is actually about a week and a half old, but with Christmas &tc. I didn’t get to it. None the less it sat at the back of my mind until today. The story is Robert Plant helping Arizona-based charity that aids West African nomads. Now I get tired of filthy rich entertainers making all sorts strange pronouncements from their special spot in fantasy land. Bono telling the prime minister of a country he doesn’t even live in how to spend tax money one of the more special items on the list, but by no means the only one. This one is different. What Robert Plant did was release a 4 song EP, that he announced would be sold through his web page, with proceeds going to help “nomadic people in drought-stricken West Africa.” Simple enough, really. Don’t want to make that donation, don’t buy the disk. Want the disk bad enough, you know up front where the money is going. This isn’t Don Henley tacking $20.00 on to the price of already overpriced Eagles tickets to help some pet cause or another. This isn’t pronouncements on how you should vote/think from the stage, when you just spent $100 to hear some rich A**hole sing. This is an upfront simple transaction, and I have no problem with it. But…

If you are going to do this sort of thing, make it available. I myself bought this CD. Here’s what I had to do to get it. For a couple of weeks I kept an eye on the part of the Robert Plant homepage devoted to selling music.Here it is. See what’s there, Mighty Rearranger. The CD you can go to any CD store and buy. No charity CD. I watched this for a few weeks, then decided to be more proactive. But, the Robert Plant web site doesn’t have any contact information. None! Nobody to e mail and enquire where I can buy the CD. But, the site where Robert Plant sells it’s CDs out of Bravada, does. If you search their site, you still won’t find the CD, so I emailed them. Finally I get a link.

Moral of the story. When I read a paragraph like this:
Plant, former frontman for Led Zeppelin, had committed proceeds from a four-song CD by his band, Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, but it failed to generate the royalties he had expected.

I wonder how many people wanted to buy this CD, but gave up instead. When you want to generate revenue, make it simple.


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