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God Bless Peace Moonbeam

December 23rd, 2006

If the 24 premier was the best thing I have seen this Christmas, then this is the funniest thing I have seen all Christmas. There really is no other:

It was fascinating watching Scooter dramatically plumb the depths of this character as he maniacally coddled the children then berated them, all the time screaming at the elves to build more toys, while continuously popping diet pills and chocolate-covered espresso beans. The fun all came to an end when a terrified two-year-old peed all over Santa’s lap, causing jolly old St. Nick to cut loose with a stream of profanities and jumping up so fast he flung the little rug rat over the velvet ropes and into the Hickory Farm’s sausage display! In the ensuing fracas, Scooter took out the kid’s charging 250-pound mom, two mall security guards, and cousin Ronnie with a six-foot fiberglass candy cane, before finally being dropped by an elf’s two-fisted uppercut to the nuts. Wow!

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