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Liberal Government investigated by RCMP

December 28th, 2005

From Bourque Newswatch:

BREAKING: Bourque has learned that RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli has confirmed that the Paul Martin Liberal Government is under a criminal investigation over potential leaks stemming from decisions in Finance Minister Ralph Goodale‘s department relating to the multi-hundred million dollar Income Trust debable [sic]. This, stemming from an official complaint received by the RCMP from an NDP MP. Late today, the NDP indicated that Zaccardelli confirmed that the RCMP has “launched a criminal investigation “regarding a possible breach of security or illegal transfer of information in advance of the federal government’s announcement of changes to the taxation of Canadian corporate dividends and income trusts November 23, 2005.” The NDP MP who filed the complaint, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, today called on Liberal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale to step aside from his Cabinet role, until the criminal investigation is complete. According to the MP, “Goodale is personally responsible to ensure his office and his department protect average Canadians from the consequences of improper disclosure. “Goodale has stonewalled this issue for a month now, insisting without any qualification that there is nothing to this issue.” Developing.

Paul Martin and Criminal investigation in the same sentence. How bad do thing shave to be for the RCMP to actually investigate a sitting Liberal government? This is bigger than many realize – the RCMP does not announce criminal investigations into sitting federal governments on a whim (they do that to past Conservative governments, yes, but not sitting ones, and not Liberal ones).

Watch this story, it could be explosive!

More at Angry in the Great White North CTV and of course, Warren Kinsella

Update: Ralph Watery-Lager says no to resigning while under investigation proving that Greg Sorbora is not the least ethical finance minister of 2005.

Love this line in the CTV article ..Veterans Affairs Minister Albina Guarnieri said, “Ralph Goodale has impeccable integrity and I attribute all this to very nasty noise from the opposition.”

Who knew the RCMP was the opposition. These guys are starting to sound like two bit hoods. Which Liberal do you think will be the first to say “You’ll never take my career alive, Copper!”?


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