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I’m So Proud! (#2)

December 27th, 2005

The story is self explanatory, but here it is:

Canada new destination
of choice for pedophiles?

High court ruling legalized
group-sex clubs with 14-year-olds

Lines like this make me so happy:

A former consultant to three U.S. administrations, Reisman, who is also a WND columnist, says the court’s decision sends a clear message to pedophiles: “You don’t have to go to Asia anymore. Pedophiles can have the blond, blue-eyed kids in Canada, too.”

Isn’t that special? So is this:

Judith Reisman, a world-renowned scholar and author of four books, including “Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences,” said that since under Canadian law 14-year-olds are legally considered “consenting adults,” the court’s controversial decision “will now make Canada a sex traffic playground for pedophiles.”

The column really speaks for itself, which is good because I found it so distasteful it’s hard to comment on. I can only say I hope to god Mr. Lambert got it wrong.

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