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We Need Gambling Cash: McGuinty

November 22nd, 2006

With a second scandal hitting the provincial lotto honchos in less than a month, Don McGuinty has come out like a Vegas mafioso at a Congressional hearing:

“This is really important to us,” McGuinty said. “This is not some abstract, academic pursuit here. This is a large part of how we fund health care, education and infrastructure in the province of Ontario.”

Frankly, a debate needs to be had whether this is how we should be raising funds. And an investigation ought to be had to find out were tax revenue that is supposed to do this stuff is disappearing to.

The problem is, this is not a Liberal, or Conservative issue, this is all parties are hooked on gaming revenues. We pay a large chunk of our earnings into taxes, and health care is at risk when some convenience store employees are cheating the system? Time for a new system.


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