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Downtown Toronto Shooting

November 21st, 2006

It appears a busy shopping area has been hit with gunshots again tonight, as Police have cordoned off a section of Toronto’s downtown core tonight to investigate a shooting.

From CityTV:

A part of downtown Toronto was cordoned off Tuesday night, after shots rang out near the Yonge St. strip. Officers say at least six shots were fired at a car near O’Keefe Lane and Shuter Street, just east of Yonge. It doesn’t appear anyone was hit.

From AM640:

A drive by shooting at Yonge and Shuter has left shop owners and Christmas shoppers pretty nervous. Luckily nobody was hurt in the shooting, which happened at the tail end of rush hour, around 6:15 Tuesday night.
Shuter was cordoned off and bullet casings had been marked by police on the sidewalk.
Police are still on the hunt for suspects, and there’s no word on who the target was.

From the Star:

When witnesses heard the initial shots, they looked to see a man standing on the sidewalk at that location firing at a newer-model black Cadillac driving by with at least four occupants inside, they said.The car sped east on Shuter toward Jarvis St., while the shooter was seen running north on Yonge St. toward Dundas St.One witness told police the Cadillac had a bullet hole in its back window as it sped away.

This shooting is very near where 15 year old Jane Creba was shot while shopping day on boxing day last year.

Police have no suspects, nor motives at this time.


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