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Who are they trying to kid?

December 26th, 2005

This one’s from the Ottawa Sun. First the headline.

NDP ‘underdog’ nips at top Tory

Now the meat of the story:

…But make no mistake — if Canadian political history is anything to go by, giants will be slain on election night. After all, in the June 2004 vote, five Liberal cabinet ministers lost their seats.


That’s the kind of history NDP candidate Holly Heffernan points to when she’s asked about her chances of beating Conservative Leader Stephen Harper in his Calgary Southwest riding. In 2004, the previous NDP candidate trailed Harper by more than 32,000 votes…

So to get this straight, Ms. Heffernan has no hope of slaying Stephen Harper, and later in the story admits as much. So why is the stories headline NDP ‘underdog’ nips at Top Tory? Surely the story states the exact opposite.

Not really a case of bias, in my opinion, so much as bad headline writing: I even get the pun they’re after. But the headline leaves a very different impression than the story.


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