December 26th, 2005

Liberal’s Running Best Campaign?

So how are those campaigns going. According to a poll by the fine folks at CTV, so it must be true, the Liberals are running the best campaign:

While the media have been giving Stephen Harper credit for running a smooth campaign so far, Canadians are saying it is Paul Martin and the Liberals who have run the best campaign up to the Christmas break.

A quarter of Canadians think the Liberals have run the best campaign so far, while 23 per cent say it is the Conservatives, 16 per cent say the NDP and 10 per cent say the Bloc.

Note the headline “Martin’s Liberals running best campaign: poll” then the details: 25% for the Liberals, 23% for the Conservatives. But the poll is considered accurate within 2.5 points, so no, the Liberal’s are nor running the best campaign according to the poll. According to the poll it’s even.

keep moving folks, no bias to see here.

I guess the 24% never saw this:

This is from this, wonderful piece of work by “Mike Klander, a senior executive in the Liberal Party of Canada; Paul Martin’s senior leadership organizer in Ontario; the muscle the Grits sent in to roll over Sheila Copps in Hamilton in ’04; and riding-association president to Tony Ianno.” Inkless Wells has more, as does Stephen Taylor.

This one is just breaking, so look for some fireworks once the campaign re starts.

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